Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hannah's Suitcase

Yumna, Fareha, Jazmine and Nina
Post #1 - Introduction
Post #2 - Organizing The History
Post #3 - Photo Project
Post #4 - Individual Responsibility and Resistance 
Post #5 - Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers
Post #6 - Final Project - The Suitcase Project


  1. Hey,my name is yumna.iknow that holocoaust started in 1930's and ends up at the end of the war of 1945 the german people stops jewish people and not let them buy anything and burn thier school and their culture they dont like them and german people killed alot of peolpe who are jewish

  2. Hi, my name is Fareha and here is my understanding for the holocaust so far. I know that the Holocaust is about jewish people and those who were against jewish people. Most of them were Germans. The Holocaust is serious genocide.

  3. Hi. My name is Jazmine my understanding in holocaust so far. In 1939 and 1945 the world was in a war. Adolf Hitler wants to get rid all the Jewish people on earth. He sent the
    Jewish people in ghettos then he noticed that the ghettos was small enough to put more Jewish people so he decided to set up a dozens of prison camps that is called concentration camps. The Jewish people was taken from their homes and they sent to the camps, where they get terrible suffering. There are many Jews people who suffered from hunger and disease. Most of them had been murdered. There are six million of Jewish people who died one-and-a-half million was Jewish children’s. The war was ended in 1945.

  4. Hi, my name is Nina. I understanding the holocaust is started between 1939-1945 during in the world war 2. Adolf Hitler want killed all the Jewish people in the world. He set up dozens of prison camps called “Concentration Camps – across Europe. All the Jewish people from almost every country on the continent were deported. They were torn from their home and sent to camp. Many people died of hunger and disease; about six million Jews were killed. One and half million Jewish children were among them. In 1945, the holocaust ended. Since then people try to understand more about “holocaust” the worst example of mass murder or genocide in human history. If you in the holocaust what you going to do? How can you make

  5. Hi, my name Nina. I keep reading this book; help me to understand the holocaust. The holocaust is started by one person and one idea. Adolf Hitler, leader of Nazi Germany and the National Socialist German Workers' Party had been elected, slowly revealing his twisted ideas to the people of his nation. He want killed all the Jewish people on the world. Most Jewish people has been murdered and all of them had been taken form their families.
    Hana’s Suitcase is a true story, in this book they talking about a happy family of four- the parents and brother and sister, Hana and George. They lived in Nove Mesto Czechoslovakia in 1930. Their life changes in 1939 when the Nazis take over Czechoslovakia. Increasing sanction make ordinary life difficult and then impossible by degrees. In March 1941 her mother was arrested by the Gestapo and in September her father was arrested by the Gestapo too.
    I knew that before the holocaust in Czechoslovakia nothing happened and doesn’t have any problems. They are hanging out with families, play with friends. Most every day can see their happy face. In 1933, approximately 9.5 million Jewish people live in Europe, comprising 1.7% of the total European population. This number represented more than 60 percent of the world's Jewish population at that time, estimated at 15.3 million. The largest Jewish communities in this area were in Poland, with about 3,000,000 Jews. In little more than a decade, most of Europe would be conquered, occupied, or annexed by Nazi Germany and its Axis partners, and the majority of European Jews--two out of every three-would be dead.

    If you in the holocaust are you survive?
    How could you feel if you are Hana and George?
    How did you feel if you are seeing those people suffer to died?

  6. Hi. My name is Jazmine.
    What I have learnt about the holocaust.Holocaust starts in 1939 to 1945 when Adolf Hitler wanted to destroy the globe. He wanted to get rid of the Jewish people on earth so he set up dozen of prison camps called concentration camps. All the Jewish people who are in concentration camps endured a terrible suffering many of them died because of disease and hunger. Most of the Jewish had been murdered and all of them had been taken from their families.
    What happened to my book Hana and her family lived in NoveMesto Czechoslovakia in 1930s. Before Adolf Hitler took her mother and father they had a beautiful life they had no problems and they can do all they wanted to do. Their life had changes in 1939 when the Nazis take over Czechoslovakia. All the Jewish people have difficult rules that they had to follow they also had a terrible life. In March 1941 her mother and father had been arrested in 1941 by the Gestapo.
    In the end of the World War II Jewish life had been changed forever. Nazis came to power in Germany in the year 1933, Jews lived in every country of the Europe. Jewish in Eastern Europe lived in main Jewish towns, which is called Shtetls. They need to have more formal education than Eastern European.
    MARCH 9, 1936
    Three Jews were killed and more than sixty had been wounded.
    1. What if you were in this situation? What will you do to survive?
    2. Imagine how the other people in holocaust survive.
    3. Do you think you still have enough courage to live?
    4. What would you feel seeing the other people suffering to death?
    5. Will you be able to live in hunger and disease?

  7. Hi! My name is Nina. Hana’s suitcase this book is talking about a true story. Before the holocaust there are a happy family of four- the parents and brother and sister, Hana and George. They lived in Nove Mesto Czechoslovakia in 1930. There are no problems and troubles. But their life changes in 1939 when the Nazis take over Czechoslovakia. Increasing sanction make ordinary life difficult and then impossible by degrees. From now on, the Brady family and the other Jews in Nove MestoIn would have to live by different rule. In March 1941 her mother was arrested by the Gestapo and in September her father was arrested by the Gestapo too. Then one day, the two children are also deported to Theresienstadt, now Terezin, and they are permitted to take just one suitcase each with their personal belongings. There, they are separated, and later, Hana is transported to Auschwitz on 23rd October, 1944, where she is sent along with the rest of the girls straight from the train to the gas chamber. They had been commanded to leave their suitcases on the railway platform.
    The website for picture: http://digitalassets.ushmm.org/photoarchives/detail.aspx?id=1148297
    1. If your family wae arrested by the Gestapo what you goanna do?
    2. What if you were in this situation? What will you do to survive?
    3. Will you be able to live in hunger and disease?

  8. Hi my name is jasmine. This is what I’ve read in my book. In March 15, 1939 Hitler’s Nazis changes the life of the Jewish people. The Nazis people though that the Jews people were evil, bad influence and dangerous. For now on all the Jew people that lived in the NoveMesto have to live in different kinds of rules. All the Jews people had been forced to give all the things that they have. The Nazis people took their educations and freedom to play. Even listening to the radio are not forbidden breaking this law may cause you terrible suffering. In a past few years her mother and father had been arrested by the Gestapo in 1941. Her mother had been sent in the concentration camps. Hana and George had been adopted by their uncle when they heard the news that their mother and father had been arrested. That’s all for now.
    When I looked at the pictures of the Jewish children’s who are in the same age of Hana. I saw their face I saw that there were no worries in their eyes I feel that there are happy. Suddenly I’ve read the short paragraph of the picture I was so happy in the first place because their free and happy they could do all they wanted to do they doesn’t have any difficulties or rules that Nazis gave in all Jewish people. After that I read the last part I was so surprise and sad I was so disappointed because their life had been change forever and it became terrible. When the holocaust started it was so sad to know how the Jewish people suffering to death because of the Nazis And because of the Nazis they’ve had a different rules that they need to fallow they’ve no freedom to do anything they wanted to do.
    1. What would you feel if your parents had been arrested by the Gestapo?
    2. Would you be able to live in this terrible life?
    3. Will you be able to survive if you’re the one of the Jewish people who is in the concentration camps?

  9. Hi. this fareha and i have learnt that the holocaust started in 1939 to 1949by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler wanted to kill all the jewish people so he managed to keep all the jewish people in the concentration camps. People who are in concentration campsare living a terrible life. They have to follow all those rules that they are told to do. They have no freedon or any kind of right to live their life as yheir lifestyle. Many of the jewish people died because of hunger. They dont get to eat food or drink water. Some of them been murdered.

    This is what is happeing in my book right now. Hana and her family live in Nove Mesto Czechoslovakia in 1930s. they were living a happy life there before the Nazis takeover the Czechoslovakia in 1939. Their life changed in 1939 when Hana's mother was arrested by the Gestapo in March 1941and in September her father was arrested by the Gestapo too.

    1. how would you feel if you had to live in this kind of situation where you dont any food to eat or water to drink?

    2. what would you do to survive from this situation?

    3. will you be able to see other people dieing infront of you?

  10. Hi. These are what happened to my book when continued to read it. In May 1942 there was a letter came in uncle Ludvik's house they've read that hana and George were ordered to report to the deportation center at trebic. Uncle Ludvik explained the letter to hana and George in a good way. Hana took a large brown suitcase she packed a sleeping bag that might reminds the smell of their house. After they’ve road the car they started to line up in the registration desk to gave them their names to the frowning soldiers. In may 16th1942 Hana celebrate her birthday without her mother and father. In 4 to 5 days Hana and George had been sent in the crowded train there were only allowed to carry one suitcase. After the long trip they reach Theresienstadt hana and George have to be separated and everyone was wearing a yellow star. The rooms are not enough and the foods for the Jewish people. There were a bugs and rats everywhere. That’s all I can’t wait to share more about my book.
    The resistance that my character show to the Nazis is they’ve stole paper in the Nazis storerooms sometimes they get in trouble. Sometimes they use a plain wrapping paper when they couldn’t found any paper. Friedl dicker-brandies are their art teacher he is a famous painter and now he is a fellow prisoner. Friedl taught the children’s about serious things such as perspective and texture sometimes their drawing connects to their life in the Theresienstadt. Friedl wanted to help the children’s to forget their brutal surroundings. That all I can share for today
    They show their resistance because they’ve wanted to have a freedom. They’ve been showing their resistance to the Nazis so the Nazis would allow them to do what they wanted to do not just all the things that the Nazis wanted them to do. They just want to have freedom to be with their siblings even there are in the theresienstadt or maybe they wanted to do the things that they don’t know.
    1. If you were Hana what would you pack up in your suitcase?
    2. Will you be able to live in the rooms that are full of bugs and rats?
    3. What can you do to forget about your brutal surroundings?

  11. Hi. My name is fareha and this is what i have read in my book so far. Before the Nazis take over the Czechoslovakia, Hana and her family was living a happy life with every freedom and rights that everyone else have. After Hana's and George's mother and father were arrested by gestapo, they were adopted by their Aunt Hedda and Uncle ludvik. They lived in small house all together. There was a school in their neighborhood, and everyday George and Hana watched the other children with their book bags, laughing, playing, on their way to the classes, because Hana was a little girl and she couldn’t understand the condition so she was use to cry to go to school. After a month, they both were sent to a place where there were a lot of other Jewish people who were all under his control and then one day George was called to take another place. Hana was so sad and then the next day she found out that she was going to send the same place where her brother was sent. I finished my book and in the end, fumiko found out that Hana died but George was still alive.

    1. How would you feel if you were separated from your families?

    2. What would you do to survive from this kind of situation where you get no food and no water to drink?