Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Austin, Dhanush and Brock C.
Post #1 - Introduction
Post #2 - Organizing The History
Post #3 - Photo Project
Post #4 - Individual Responsibility and Resistance 
Post #5 - Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers
Post #6 - Final Project - The Suitcase Project


  1. hello my name is Dhanush
    this is what i know about the holocaust, it is where poeple are erasing thejewish culture and race of the jewish people and there religon. It is a very painful journey that jews and nazis went through. Also the jewish people were put in camps and and got there books and stuff burned

  2. hey its brock here im happy to talk with all you guys my thought on the holocaust is they took it to far like trying to eliminate a race like what have the jews done to you germans made them slaves for nothing over twelve million were killed by germans by starving worked to death. there were six hundred to a thousand per barrack in camps such as auschwitz amereicans and canadians and other races played a big part in in the holocaust by killing the germans and freeing the jews no one even knows about that NAZI is a verey harsh word to jews and other people related to the holocuast there were twon paths left or right left right meant slave labor left,meant the gas chamber. so it was life or death as you can see. it was a pretty hard life in a NAZI camp. they were allways moving in a trane or a cattle cart. what would you do if you were in a camp? have you learnt any thing? would you want to be in that Situation?

  3. My novel is getting into the holocaust. And it talks about the lifestyle. My understandings is that the holocaust is very painful. The time frame of this is before the holocaust started and this is them just getting into the holocaust. Yulek the main character is still living in his village before the holocaust starts. The authors purpose is because letting people know how it is pre holocaust.

  4. in maus part 1 spegelman is in love with a rich maus and she gets a letter with fake info about him.
    in part 2 the honey moon the war starts and he leaves her.
    and 2 hours of fighting later the nazis take him to the camps.
    by austin

  5. hi my name is austin and i want to take to you about the holocaust. what i knew is that the nazi did was... how can i say it painful!
    people die mostly kids 5 to 12 die of gas alot of gas.
    spegelman goes through pain and more pain coold haveing to hide.

  6. in my book its spiritual resistance and staying with their family as one. What obstacles got in their way was being in camps so they couldn’t see their family as much. Going to camps to help the Jews out and staying strong without their family describes resistance in my novel. The acts of resistance is when the prisoners of the state were put in camps and stuck strong together and the purpose was to help the Jews. But some jews also died. Their obstacles were to fight through the camp for days. http://theholocaust-inourhands.blogspot.ca/2010/05/individual-responsibility-and.html http://quizlet.com/20434395/holocaust-vocabulary-maus-i-flash-cards/ http://www.ushmm.org/. being a citizen and being responsible for a nation means to be strong and be confident. And being responsible for the world means to have strong statements and be strong.