Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Aidan, Hunter and Rylan
Post #1 - Introduction
Post #2 - Organizing The History
Post #3 - Photo Project
Post #4 - Individual Responsibility and Resistance 
Post #5 - Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers
Post #6 - Final Project - The Suitcase Project


  1. Hi my name Aidan and my understanding of the Holocaust is that when Adolf Hitler came to power he slowly began to abolish the rights of the Jewish people throughout Germany. As World War II started up it began easier for Hitler to try and rid Europe of the Jewish 'Problem' as he saw it. As he fought the war he would capture Jews and either put them to work or kill in the Concentration Camps.

  2. Hi my name is Rylan and what I know about the holocaust is that Adolf Hitler created a German army called the Nazis to control the world he was indifferent to Jewish people because the bible says that the Jews killed Jesus. He slowly started to kill Jews or get rid of their culture. In the beginning of world war II the Americans army joined by the British and I’m not sure about any other countries and defeated the Nazis and freed some of the Jewish people buy many are still scared

    1. Other countries were France, Poland, Canada, Newfoundland, and The Soviet Union are just some of many soliders in the Allies.

  3. As the characters board the train you learn more about what that ride is like with everyone cramped and packed in there and trying to drink all of the water that is there for them within the first 5-10 min of the ride. As well as people trying there best to avoid going to the washroom do to lack of toiletries and all of the people in the same car. The book also talked about the jewish ghettos with several abandoned buildings and dead jewish people as the curfew and guards that went around keeping everyone in check. Although the holocaust wasn’t something that happened overnight I think thats how many of the jewish people learned about it because the main protagonist seems to think that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis are good people and are helping out his country then he slowly starts to get clues about what is really happening that discovering the bodies of Zelda’s parents as well as Zelda in the burning house and learning about the “Nazi Death Camps”.

  4. Hi. My name is Hunter. I am reading the book “Once”. I know that Hitler is the reason the Holocaust happened. The Holocaust was discrimination against the Jewish people. Millions died because of it. Jews were sent to concentration camps with horrible conditions. Hitler blamed the Jews for everything bad that was happening in Germany, like their economics.

  5. Hi it’s me Rylan again what I learned is that Nazis burred book and that some Jewish people didn’t go to concentration camps some got out just in time I didn’t know that Hitler died in a bomb bunker and died by a bomb in his satchel. I’m at the part where Felix escapes the orphanage to look for his Mum and Dad when he finds them he realizes that that’s not them. So far I’m loving this book it’s really interesting and exciting I can’t wait to find out what happens next this is by far the best holocaust book I ever read I just wish it was longer. While this story takes place this is when the Nazis book burning revelation began they searched all over Europe in search for Jewish books to get rid of their culture because killing them wasn’t enough at least that what they thought . They tied to make no one even remember the Jews. 1933 march 5 Hitler wins the election of German parliamentary 43.9% of Germany’s population voted for Adolf Hitler. Editor’s law forbids any Jew or anybody related or married to a Jew cannot be a Journalist. Thanks Aidan.

  6. The part that I’m is when he gets taken by a seemingly nice man named Barney with all with Zelda and lots of other kids who wanted to hear a story to bad Felix didn’t let Barney read one. I wanted to hear one of his stories. This is a nice story I want to read it all but I divided it into section’s each week.Photo Archives | Class picture of boys in a religious school in Nasielsk
    Click this and when you get there please do.
    how do you think he got in that building.
    how did they get away from the Nazis.
    why did Barney take Zelda and Felix

  7. Time line
    - I think when Felix has to go live in an orphanage; this part of the story takes place at the beginning of the war when stuff is just starting to get bad for the Jewish people.
    - I think when Felix escapes from the orphanage to find his mom and dad this happened a quarter of the way through the first year of the war.
    - I think when Felix saved a girl named Zelda from a burning house this happened during the first year of World War ll.
    - I think when Felix and Zelda are living in a cellar with seven other kids this part is closer to the beginning of the second year of the war.
    - I think when Felix made a Nazi with a toothache laugh this part is a couple of month into the second year of World War ll.
    - I think when Felix, Zelda and Chaya jump off a train this is near the end of the second year of the war.
    Felix’s life before the war was pretty good. Felix’s family was pretty well off. They had enough to eat and their own business. He had no brothers or sisters and lived with his mom and dad in a book store. Felix liked to read all the books in the store and he loved to write stories about his parents having adventures.


    This is what I think Felix would have looked like before the war.


    This what I think Zelda looked like during the war.