Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Boy Who Dared

Showvik, Liam and Kori
Post #1 - Introduction
Post #2 - Organizing The History
Post #3 - Photo Project
Post #4 - Individual Responsibility and Resistance 
Post #5 - Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers
Post #6 - Final Project - The Suitcase Project


  1. Hi my name is Kori, working with you all is a great acivement.In my understanding the Holocaust was a terrible tradegy based on discrimminaton of people of Jewish religion. It had happened when Adolf Hitler was in power of Germany. It didn't happen in just one day. It started with a loss of work for everyone who was jewish, all their buisnesses were closed down or bankrupt because other people were not suppsosed to shop there. Then all people of the Jewish religion had to wear a yellow star. Then eventually they were forced to go to concentration camps. At these camps these people were no longer treated as a human, all there human rights were taken away from them. They all had the same clothing, there names were taken from them and they were known as numbers. there number was tattooed onto there skin. they were forced into slavery until they couldn't work anymore,once they couldnt work they were gas chambered and killed. thats the terrible tradegdy of the Holocaust

  2. Hi I'm Liam I am exited to do this blog with you all. Anyway my general thought on the holocuast is that it small progressions every step worse in worse. When Hitler was given power he knew what he was doing the way he gave everyone a target to discriminate against and insult and hate but he didn't hate the jews he was indifferent to them he didn't think of them as people he made them wear the stars then moved them to the ghetto he wanted them gone. then he realized he needed to do it faster he used concentration camps nazi's didn't use bullets cause it was a waste he worked them until they died. they had rooms full of hair that's... Disgusting they kileed twelve million people in inhumane ways... twelve million thats sickening and they didn't think of them as humans either. and no one spoke up for them. it was a progressionand no one tried to stop. People still don't know or believe this happened. It all started with with a sick sick idea and people allowed it to be put in motion... But how could they stop it not many people knew what was happening until they took too long. Would've you tried to stop it or let it happen? What would have you done if it was your race being treated this way. Would have you joined the crowd if you were there would have you cared? The holocaust was terrible. But we can't just be sad we have to learn from the past. So thats my thoughts.

  3. Hello again So when Hitler was elected seems that Jews started being discriminated on by everyone. All there shops closed they had to wear stars and people would bully them for no reason. All the Jewish children were moved out of school. Even if people were friends with them suddenly they would turn their backs on them. It’s so terrible how all the sudden they would just hate them.
    So Helmuth’s mother recently started dating a man named Hugo who happens to be the rottenfuhrer. Helmuth is forced to join the Hitler youth. The Jews are getting highly discriminated. Helmuth decides to become a detective with Rudy which quickly passes. Then the Germans invade Poland and Poland is defended. So really it is all just beginning.
    So in the time 1939 Germans invade Poland. In a few weeks Poland is defeated by Germany. They had roughly 2000 tanks and 1000 planes to break Poland’s defences. But Britain and France declared war Germany. Then Germany annexed the former Polish territories. And the ugly war was beginning to spread.
    So my questions are What would have you thought about the war if you lived in Germany? And would you be scared if you were living in Europe at the time. And lastly would’ve you fight for the Nazi’s if you were German? Well that’s it.

    1. Yes the other countries might bomb your house. yes i would of been sacred. No I would try to help the Jews to escape from Germany.

  4. Hey there,Kori here again, so ive started rading The Boy Who Dared. so far it seems really interesting. Hitler had closed all the shops owned by jewish people.Not that it effects Helmuth because he isnt the one whos family is going through these problems and obsticales. Helmuths family seems to agree with the way Hitler is handleing Jews but Helmuth seems to have other opinions.I havent been able to read much further then that but will once given a chance.
    Through out reading this book and learning about the Holocaust i have had a few Questions,like What would have happened if all the Jews were killed that were alive then? Would it be ilgal to become Jewish? and last but not least Who do you think hitler would have gone after next? or would it be a specific gender,race,hair color or anything you could imagine. what do you think? i would love to know
    well i have to go now ill be back with more information on the book and more opinions on the holocaust ok bye.

  5. Hi I’m Showvik

    I have reading the book called The boy who Dared. I learned lots of stuff about the holocaust. Hitler was elected and later all the Jews started being discriminated on by everyone. If you are a Jewish you were bitten up by non-Jewish after school so nobody will know who bitten him up. All the Jewish children were moved out of school. Hitler had also closed all the shops owned by Jewish people. In the Nazi party newspaper it said "GERMANY, DEFEND YOURSELVES! DON'T SHOP AT JEWISH STORES!” Even their friend turned back on them. In 1939 Germany invaded Poland.

    So my question is What would u do if you were a Jews in Germany? Would you vote fir Hitler if you knew he was going to doing this? If you were a non Jews German would you fight for Germany or the Jews of Germany?

  6. Hi again,

    So “The Boy Who Dared” started just before the election. Germany was getting ready for the election. The main character was having a great life before Hitler was elected. He was living with his grand ma and grand pa his brother and his mom. He played with his older brother and friends.

    But later when Hitler was elected his brother was drafted by the German soldier. He was mad at Hitler because Hitler was starting a war and making up new laws. Also his mother got married to a German officer. He also just passed high school and waiting to be drafted to join the German solder.

  7. So recently the Nazis arrested Brother Worb because he said something negative about the Nazis. It shows how much power they have how they arrest innocent men and women. Also currently Gerhard is in war. Helmuth is breaking the radio law with his friends Rudy and Karl. Eventually Helmuth see’s Brother Worb he’s in terrible condition thin hungry depressed all his fingers were broken. Helmuth again realizes how wrong the Nazis are. What lies in store for Helmuth is worse.
    So by looking at pictures and from the book before the war Helmuth seemed to be a normal German boy. He’d wake up eat breakfast play with friends read books go to school. He would see his grandparents who lived next store listen to radio. Go to church he would just do things that were normal. But when Hitler came to power his life turned upside down. It all fell apart his normal life was plunged into war.
    Now answers to questions. What would have happened if all the Jews were killed that were alive then? Well I guess all the Jews today would be gone and the religion would basically be extinct.
    Would it be illegal to become Jewish? I think if Hitler also succeeded in the war then maybe it would be but if the Nazis still lost then it probably wouldn’t be.
    Who do you think Hitler would have gone after next? Or would it be a specific gender, race, hair color or anything you could imagine. What do you think? Well I guess anything “ungerman” would be targeted if anything.

  8. Hay again,
    So in my novel German people was not allowed to sing other countries song, read other countries books, or listen to the radio. He resisted against the Nazis rules. He was singing an American song but the street officer caught him and the officer told him if you sing that song again you will get a fine. Also he stole some books from his work place and hid it in his house but his grand ma and grand pa caught him. Also he listened to the radio when his grand ma and grand pa was sleeping.

    In history, Helmuth was going against the Nazi rules. Even at a young age, Helmuth seemed to have an instinctive sense of right and wrong. He was never entirely comfortable with the things Hitler did and became even less so as Hitler imposed even more restrictions upon the German people. In school, Helmuth wrote what he had to make it sound like he supported Hitler but he hated him every minute of it. He also was forced to join the Hitler Youth, but again was not comfortable with their activities. After graduating, Helmuth got an apprenticeship with a company where he was shocked to find forbidden books in the basement. He began borrowing them, and they continued to solidify his belief that Hitler was lying and he must do something to enlighten his fellow Germans. When Helmuth's brother came home from Reich Labor Service with an illegal radio he purchased on the black market, it proves too much of a temptation for Helmuth. Every night he listens to the BBC and learns the truth about what's really happening in the war. This only further fuels his anger until he comes up with the idea of producing pamphlets and flyers detailing the things he learns on the radio and passing them on to other people. He and three friends daringly acted alone as a small insular pocket of resistance against Hitler's reign of terror.

    A responsible citizen is a person goes with their own idea they don't go along with what your country leader tell them what to do. The leader could tell them to do good things or bad things. So a responsible citizen always goes with his own idea.

    I have learned that not all the non Jewish German obeyed all the Nazi Party's rule. Some people choose to listen to Hitler and didn't listen to the radio so they didn't know what was really going on. It was really smart of Hitler to made that rule up that's why the Germans couldn't do anything to go against Hitler to stop Holocaust.