Sunday, May 16, 2010

Individual Responsibility and Resistance

Many approach this history with misconceptions: that the Jews went like “sheep to slaughter”; that resistance means solely physical resistance; and that the Nazis were so powerful no one could resist them.

Conduct research on the acts of resistance during the Holocaust found in your novel. As authors of historical fiction base events on actual happenings, your task to research the actual acts of resistance depicted in the novel.

Your post must include the following information:

I. Novel Response
  • How did the different characters resist Nazi oppression?
  • What obstacles hindered the characters' resistance?

II. Historical Research Response
  • What historical acts of resistance are depicted in your novel?
  • Research the acts of resistance: identify the group, their purpose, their obstacles, and their accomplishments.
  • You must have at least three sources for your responses and include your sources in your post.

III. Personal Response
  • Based on your learnings, what does it mean to be a responsible citizen of the nation and the world?

IV. Negotiate Your Reading
  • State your reading expectation this week.

Web Sites To Assist With Research

Label your response POST #4.