Friday, March 26, 2010


Reflect upon your learning and the process. Submit your response as an email to your teacher.
Your teacher will summarize the responses in a post.

I. Process
  • Reflect upon the collaboration between you and your in-school partner. Describe your process for composing a unified response.
  • Reflect on your interactions with the distance partner. Describe how the relationship was built and the social skills needed to be successful.
  • Reflect on the project's alignment with your personality. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Are you an open person who is willing to share or are you a closed person, who prefers to guard knowledge? Are you a calm or an anxious person? How did these aspects of your personality impact the blogging experience?
  • Reflect on the open conversations that occurred beyond the classroom walls - where ideas and opinions are shared by peers, rather than by teachers. Describe how this process generated more or less dialogue than a classroom setting.
  • Reflect on the ability to compose your thoughts independent of time and place and to revisit your thoughts. Describe how this impacted the depth of your learning.

II. Learning - The Novels
  • How did the interaction with another community broaden your understanding of social injustice, a major theme of the unit?
  • How did you rectify answers you deemed inaccurate or inappropriate?
  • Describe the development of your skills in expressing yourself in writing during this project.
  • Review your blog posts. How did the repetition of the essential questions capture the changes in your thinking?

III. Final Thoughts
  • Did you deem this project successful?
  • What possible changes would you suggest?