Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surviving Hitler

Kassi and Jamie
Post #1 - Introduction
Post #2 - Organizing The History
Post #3 - Photo Project
Post #4 - Individual Responsibility and Resistance 
Post #5 - Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers
Post #6 - Final Project - The Suitcase Project


  1. Hello my name is Jamie,
    This is what i know about the holocaust,It is where the natzi took the jewish people and put them in death camps and was killing them trying to get rid of the jewish culture burning there books and there stuff the represents there culture.

  2. hey :)
    my name is kassi
    The holocaust was a genocide involving antisemitism. Hitler blamed the Jews for all problems in germany. Most of Germany stood by and let the german army take away their jewish friends but, some didnt even know what was happening. The jewish people were forced to wear a yellow star. This was such a tragedy six million people died but didnt need to they had no reason to die.

  3. Hi
    My name is Thyaga, This is what I believe the Holocaust was, and the Holocaust was formed by a man named Adolf Hitler. He produced a group called the Nazis that was created to wipeout the whole population of Jews because he blamed the Jews as an “impure” race. But before all the chaos started Hitler seemed to be a great leader so the Europeans elected him as their new leader. As soon as he was elected he slowly started blaming everything to the Jewish people that lived in Europe and made them feel insecure about their races while brain-washing the Europeans to believe that the Jewish were a dirty race. Hitler even made concentration camps and made the Jewish race all children, women and men work until their death. Hitler killed more than 6 million Jewish people at the end of the wars. At the time when Hitler ruled it was truly a nightmare.
    My questions are
    Did Hitler ever had a good side?Why or why not?
    What was the real purpose behind the Chaos?
    Was Hitler the onlyone to blame for the war?

  4. hey
    The fact that the Nazis killed anyone who said anything even remotely against Hitler or Nazis, it didn’t matter what religion or anything it just mattered that you didn’t respect Hitler the way you “should” amazed me. Nobody knew for sure where their families were or who they could trust. Nobody could trust anyone because the all became snitches.
    Well I think the author did an amazing job making it feel like you know the characters, so you can understand the pain and the fear that went through them. Meaning Andrea Warren did an amazing job telling us about the holocaust and getting the message across about what it was like to live through that. Andrea Warren wrote about a young boy who lives before the holocaust and then what happens to him during the holocaust.
    I think we should finish the book in two weeks at the most.
    To answer Thyaga’s questions
    Did Hitler ever have a good side? Why or why not?
    Every child is born innocent and un-discriminatory. He must have just grown an opinion or had one imprinted upon him.
    Was Hitler the only one to blame for the war?
    Because he was seen as the leader of the holocaust. He was essentially the leader of Germany. He fuelled the hate fire and kept it going he “poured the gasoline on the flame” (he made the hate worse)

  5. Hi! I’m Thyaga; so far I learned many great new things from the holocaust book. I understood that during the war time Jews were treated as they were no-longer human beings and all the non-Jews were treating all the “low” classed people and mainly the Jews inhumanly because they were all brain-washed by Adolf Hitler’s Amazing speeches criticizing the Jews and other kinds of unacceptable (according to Hitler) Citizens. I also learnt that if you were a Jewish person you were no longer considered a human-being therefore you have no human rights, the only right you had been to die. In my understanding of the events that happened in the book, there were some Jews that risked their own lives to save some other peoples loving lives by shipping them away to safe countries that accept the Jews, but sadly only a few made it through without dying or being caught by Nazi supporters that sends them straight to the Nazis. Many families made sacrifices to save their loved ones. At the time everyone had one thing in mind, hope, but no one dared to even think about the cold truth, that hope wasn’t or couldn’t ever be an option in this bloody ruthless war against a religion that was believed to be a discourteous and dirty race.

  6. Surviving Hitler is about a daring, mischievous and fun-loving boy named Jack that had a life of richness and pure delight. His life was as entertaining and adventurous as you can imagine. As soon as the rumors started to spread about Hitler and his difficulty and hatred against the Jews, his dear family and all the Jews that lived in Poland began to fear and panic for their lives. Jack’s father a bold and courageous man decides to help out helpless Jews escape the country, when the war officially started; When Jack’s father heard about the rumors that says Germany was about to initiate a bombing campaign against Poland he feared that Gdynia would be the next target. So the family decides to go to the safety of their grandfather’s home while Jack’s father stayed behind to properly close up business and their treasured home. When the family was about to leave Jack’s confident father said some wise words that Jack will never in his life forgot “Jack you are my eldest son. I am counting on you to take care of our family”.

  7. Two weeks after the family arrives to Jack’s grandfather’s company, on September 1, 1939 the Nazis invaded Poland. After 48 hours from this alarming surprising event England and France declared war on Germany and World War II officially began. The family started to worry and fear their lives, but mostly what scared Jack’s mother was the separation of her daughter, Jadzia , she left because of hunger and their mother didn’t want either of them getting hungry so she decide to let her go. Then situations started to get worse. After two months on November when the Jews were completely separated by all the common human rights; they were commanded to wear a gold star that specifies them as Jew if they did not they would be shot without hesitation, they were discriminated publicly in front of them, and the Jewish children HAD to go to a Jewish school and Jewish adults found it hard to find jobs. Jack’s grandfather and his Jewish friends expected that their non-Jewish friends would defend them, but they all did a surprising thing, they all shunned them and wanted nothing to do with them. Jack quoted “It was not that people were Nazi sympathizers, just that deep down, even if they had not realized it before, most of them were anti-Semitic”.

  8. Everyone, those were Jewish or not started to get food shortages. The once rich happy family started to struggle to live with little money and almost no food. Jack’s mother had to sell her Jewelry to make a living. After Jadzia had left, the Nazis constructed a border between the two towns; Jack’s side was officially part of Germany. Jack’s mom was devastated about her family’s separation and she wanted some comforting from her side of the family; Jack’s Grandfather understood her needs, so she took Jack and Jakob (his younger brother) and took off to her brother’s comfort. Jack left his Grandfather with an emotional goodbye to his new shelter of his beloved uncle. Not knowing that what lies ahead is a nightmare Jack’s never going to wake up from. This is what I’ve read so far in this amazing book, I find it really emotional and inspirational. This book was written because of the strength, determination and hope of one boy who is now a strong man. I will make sure to keep you updated about this motivating book.

  9. My questions are:
    Why didn’t the non- Jews rise against Hitler, after all everyone’s stronger in numbers right?
    What encouraged survivors (of the concentration camps) to live from one day to another?
    How did people in Germany, ever keep up with all the inhuman ways of Hitler? How did he have a striking power to persuade thousands and thousands of people?
    If you had a something you strongly disliked or hated how would you deal with it?

  10. Events that happened during World War II:
    Invasion of Poland: On September, 1, 1939 the Germans (Nazis) conquered Poland, weeks after the reckless invasion they were able to have victory against the polish. In October 1939, Germany directly captured the terrains that once belonged to Poland.
    Public humiliation of Jews: The Jews were treated inhumanly, and used for the amusement of the Nazis. They would make them scrub sidewalks, kick them and beat them up while explaining to them how useless and pathetic they are. This made the Jews hate who they are and wanted no longer to live.
    Jewish Refugees 1939: When Germany took over defenseless Poland, the non- Jews and Jews escaped their home towns by any transport accessible: buses, by foot etc. They had no destination in mind but saving their lives. They travelled to south Poland thinking the Polish army will stop the strong army of Germany. But eventually they were captured by the Nazis.

  11. I agree with you kassi, Hitler WAS the one to make hate worse but think for a while. If everyone stood against him this chaos would have never happened if they never let him contact with power and authority. Instead they were all bystanders that means they just stood there and watched it happen without doing any kind of action. I understand them but it would be a way of supporting Hitler. By not getting in his way to exterminate the Jews. Your answers were really good =)

  12. Hi, the book really educated me about all the new concealed secrets about the holocaust. In the dramatic and distressing event known as World War II was said to be the apocalypse, the war that ends all wars. Now I am going to continue on and acknowledge you about the book, Jack the young and brave boy that is full of hope, is currently in charge of his family’s needs. With half of his family separated without any contact or evidence that they are still alive. It is up to Jack to protect the remainder of his dear family even if it means sacrificing his life. He is determined to work hard and find a job to provide his family the basic needs. Every Jewish person, as I said before were treated heartlessly discriminating them every second they got. Jack quoted saying that, every person that was considered Jewish had to avoid any contact with the soldiers; if you do you would either get beaten up or shot just for humor and entertainment of the other soldiers. Jack was an expert at avoiding the merciless soldiers. When he was at the shelter of his uncle’s home he was literally rationed from food supplies, when it was time for dinner you got your small equal portion; if you are still hungry there was nothing for you to be filled with but unclean water.

  13. Jack’s mother was deeply criticized by the other very religious women in the village, because she wore fancy dresses and they even spread scandalous rumors by saying “A woman who doesn’t even know where her husband is, and look at her!” Jack said they never knew how she suffered deeply from the inside. The Nazis were getting worse by the second. Jews weren’t allowed any basic rights the other kinds of people had; they were completely cut off from all the human rights and freedom; in fact the only right they had was to die but it was made sure they were worked to death. When the Jews were officially forbidden to travel anywhere, a catholic railroad official who was friends with Jack’s uncle got him supplies secretly letting his life at risk. After a few days they were told to gather at a specific large tree. What they saw later was very shocking and unbelievable, the official that helped them that was considered to be a muscular man was now weak, skeletal and anyone could clearly see he was tortured severely. He was hanged in front of the sad, emotional crowd; his last words were “long live Poland”, what really made the people feel pity and greatness for the official is because he was protecting the Jewish even through terrible torture and death. In January, 1940 exactly a month after jack arrived at his uncle’s house the Nazis commanded the work of 300 adults every day to contribute with work projects. There were only 900 Jewish citizens in the village which means every male adult that can cope with work were forced to do labour, luckily Jack’s name wasn’t in the long list.

  14. Jack had another idea, he decided to volunteer as a substitute and find money for his family’s needs, because there were a number of people who were willing to pay for anyone who would like to take their places for the hard labour they were obligatory to do. When he was paid enough he and his family rented an apartment with the money they earned, they were able to satisfy their basic needs and hunger. By the time Jack was 14 on 1941 he had been supporting his family with labour for over 2 years, his body got rougher and stronger from all the hard work he was appointed for while he was at it he made sure he got worked really hard so he would get appointed to a better job that would give him a good salary. Finally he got assigned to a catholic electrician who was rewiring the home of a Nazi official. Even though it was dangerous, Jack would go through anything to let his family survive Hitler’s inhuman ways. Jack made sure that he always pleased the electrician, so he politely asked him if the electrician could get him a letter with the Nazi stamp on the parchment; later he got it and Jack made sure he kept it with him everywhere he goes just for the protection of his family and friends. In June 1941, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, and he decided to step up his war with the Jews. By the end of 1941 a section of Jack’s village was under the rule of Hitler and was a restricted living area for the Jews. To make room for the terrible constructions known as ghettos the non- Jewish were forced out of their only houses, and three or four Jewish families were moved into the houses. Jack and his family were assigned to a small one. Even though it wasn’t as bad as the city ghettos everyone felt uncomfortable. Everyone non-Jewish or Jewish weren’t safe. The worst happens when everyone least expect it.

  15. I really enjoy this book because I learnt all kinds of new things about the holocaust, and I am acknowledged about the ways of Hitler and the people in the Nazis. I highly recommend this book because it shows a young man’s survival for not only his life but his family’s.
    I chose this picture because it shows the pride of this nation, in my opinion I think it reminds them of all the horrific events that happened in their imperfect dystopian history and it also brings them the happiness of when the war ended all the polish nation was free; even if their beloved was broken they got their freedom back which is a big happy event for them. It must have been an emotional an expressive moment during the Polish Independence day because there were lot of brave, innocent, young souls that were consumed during the horrible wars and as a reminder and to celebrate the victory the Polish Independence day was formed.
    This Photo reminds me of all the Jewish children that were exterminated just for being in a religion some people disliked and discriminated. The picture shows the healthiness of this young girl how she enjoyed her little things that her parents/guardians might have purchased for her. The picture shows that this girl is illuminating with delight and happiness. It is obvious that this little girl didn’t care about any problems and lived in a little world of her imagination, I try putting myself in her shoes and all I can think is where is she now? What happened to her?
    My questions are:
    No world is perfect, but what do you think the Jewish peoples’ lives would have been before the horrific war?
    How do you feel when you hear today people demanding that we follow our governments no matter what, and that protestors be arrested?
    Do you think we should focus today on remembering the Nazi holocaust, or make more effort to stop genocide and oppression around the world today?
    I think the Holocaust is a haunting memory for all of us.