Monday, May 24, 2010

Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers

The Holocaust was the end result of unchecked hatred. This week’s focus is personal choice and how changing circumstances can affect one person’s ethical choices.

I. Novel
  1. Examine the protagonist in your novel. Were they a bystander, collaborator, perpetrator, or rescuer? Justify your choice with quotes from the novel and historical references.
  2. What circumstances influenced the protagonist’s choices?
II. Relate Your Novel To History
  1. View the Holocaust Personal Stories
  • Choose a person’s story that reflects your character’s choice.
  • Describe the similarities between the two people.
  • Provide a hyperlink to the story.
III. Begin Conversation Regarding Final Project
  1. Your final project is a collaborative endeavour with your blogging partner. You and your partner will take on the persona of the protagonist in your novel. As your character, you and your partner will pack a suitacase with articles that are important to your character. The suitcases will be presented on the date in which the two classes meet face-to-face. The following articles must by included:
  •  A suitcase
  • Artifacts (a minimum of two) - Photos, telegrams, birth certificate, official documents, etc.
  • Objects (a minimum of two) - Personal mementos, sigificant family heirlooms
  • Other Realia (a minimum of two) - Objects of significance to the character
  • Label - The suitcase must be labelled with the name of the novel and character
IV. Negotiate This Week's Reading
  1. Post your anticipated reading this week. Keep in mind that your novel should be completed within the next two weeks.
To be published, entitle your response Post #5.


  1. July 13 1942
    My novels starting point is the prewar in this part in my novel the Nazi’s are just taking power over the Netherlands, and my main character peter is determined not to go in to hiding with the Franks but he knows he has to. Peter is running trying to see his girlfriend liese but as he gets there he see the soldiers taking her away because they are calling up all the teenage girls. The Jewish people are losing all their rights and they are getting departed from the families depending on their groups (girls, woman an boys and men).

    Before the holocaust- enjoying a nice tea with the franks and the van pels

    During the holocaust- lining up in rows and taking attendance and orders from the soldiers,r:71,s:100,i:217&tx=137&ty=68

  2. My characters part In the resistance is hiding with the franks in the annexed. They hit in the annex for about 2 years before they get caught and taken to the death camps. The obstacles they my character goes through is having to be scared the whole time that they are in hiding and they have to be careful with everything they say and there whole life is in the store keepers hand and he pretty much decides whether they live or die.
    Many people went into hiding in different locations all over Germany with non-Jewish people who were willing to take them in and protect them. While the Jews were hiding the lived in fear for whatever amount of time they were safe I hiding because the Nazi’s would come and check the non-Jewish people’s houses because the y heard that some people were hiding the Jews. The Jews who were hiding had accomplishments just as well as everyone else, they hid for the longest time and some of them even survived in hiding and some got taken to camps and they manage to stay strong and stay alive until they were liberated.
    In order to be a responsible citizen for your nation you need to make the right decision and do what’s right and when you see something or someone that isn’t right you will at least say something try you best to fix and the non-Jews made the mistake of making the wrong decision and then it created the holocaust in the worst way and many lost their life because if it