Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Brock F. and Russell
Post #1 - Introduction
Post #2 - Organizing The History
Post #3 - Photo Project
Post #4 - Individual Responsibility and Resistance 
Post #5 - Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers
Post #6 - Final Project - The Suitcase Project


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  2. My name is Russell. I am optimistic about educating people about the holocaust.

    Hitler, placed jews in concentration camps and even death camps. Jews were verbally and physically harrassed.

    I look forward learning more about the holocaust

  3. Hello, I’m Brock. I’m glad that kids like me are learning about the education of the Holocaust. Hitler has been taking all the Jews in a concentration camp and deciding whether they’ l die or be slaved. The slaves would eventually die because of being worked to death or starvation. I can’t wait to see what will happen in my book.

  4. I learned that back then most people did not have any money. They had to find a different source of food .People could not go to places because cabs were too pricy. Hitler has basically killed thousands of his own kind because he was a Jew.

    Right now everybody in my book is still in the setting of the story. Baba(the main character) just came in to the summer vacation so everything was mellow. Baba and Rosa (Baba’s best friend) went to go see a movie just a few days before they went to Caputh their lake for the summer vacation. A car company was going to give them a ride to their lake but it didn’t show up at their house for a couple hours. They couldn’t get a ride till the next day. So when they got there they spent the whole day inside. A couple days into the summer , Baba cut off her braids because the owner of the bakery where Mama ordered buns from said that Baba looked like some sort of doll. Baba didn’t like that. Baba’s sister Ulla and her boyfriend Karl came up to Caputh for a couple days, and that where I’m at right now.
    Baba has been hearing things about Hitler on the radio about him suggesting to wipe out the Jew even though he was one. I think this was around the 1930’s. At the time Hitler hasn’t done anything bad wet, but I bet soon Hitler will strike. People didn’t really care about what Hitler was doing until he made his first big appearance. Back then people didn’t really want to be in the holocaust because didn’t know what was happening in the holocaust.

    1.What do you think would happen if Baba didn’t cut off her braids ?
    2. Do you think Hertha is a Nazi spy?
    3. What if Ulla and Karl didn’t come over to Caputh for the weekend ?

  5. Hello, My Name is Russell. I have learned so much about the holocaust, in my book Adolph Hitler is starting to become extremely popular. This is the story of one family's stance against the rising Nazi party.

  6. Right now in my book Gaby just found out that when Ulla and Karl went for a walk that they actually swam naked. Ulla didn’t tell anybody in her family, Gaby just found out. Ulla soaked her clothes in the sink thinking Baba thought she went swimming in her clothes but that didn’t get Gaby. Rosa and Gaby snuck into the bar where Ulla was working as a waitress but she was actually a pole dancer. The main characters name is Gaby not Baba

    In the 1920, when this book takes place, Hitler was just getting started. It would be many years before he takes over the country. At the time Hitler was making plans for how German people were going to rule the world. Once Von Hindenburg was dead Hitler would have all the political power in Germany.

    1. Why do you think Gaby and Rosa snuck into the bar where Ulla was working?
    2. Why do you think Gaby had those dreams about Hitler?
    3. What was Einstein’s feeling about the Nazi's?

  7. http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/media_ph.php?MediaId=7731
    This picture resembles to when Gabies school when Hitler became Chancellor. When he became Chancellor the whole school became like a Hitler museum. They stared to wear uniforms and everything.

  8. In my book right now Gabies school has become a Hitler nightmare. They have poster everywhere and now every morning they have to say “Heil Hitler”. In Gabies school there is a teacher who she thinks is a Nazi. The teacher asked Gaby and Rosa to be in the BDM witch is a club that helps with stuff for Hitler. Teachers who were Jews were leaving the school. Jew students were being treated worse than all the other students. The Nazi teacher tried to take some books away from Gaby. The ones that Mr. Einstein took from her earlier in the year. So she ran away from school and told herself she would never go to that school ever again.

    The Jewish teachers and students haven’t done anything about the way they’ve been treated. The teachers have been leaving the school because of the Nazi’s. they just let the Nazi's push them around. There was no resistance in this part of my book.

    I chose this picture because its like Gabies school when Hitler became Chancellor. It looks likethere wearing uniforms witch in my book the whole school wears uniforms. The school looks plane and colorless .

  9. Why would Mrs.alfstad be a Nazi?
    Wher do you think all the teachers and students are going?