Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Maus II

Daniel, Dandi and Michael
Post #1 - Introduction
Post #2 - Organizing The History
Post #3 - Photo Project
Post #4 - Individual Responsibility and Resistance 
Post #5 - Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers
Post #6 - Final Project - The Suitcase Project


  1. Hello, Daniel here.

    I think that the holocaust was...how should I put it...bad. No, not just bad. Worse than bad. I think that it was...insane.

    Insane that Hilter BELIEVED what he was saying.
    Insane that the Nazis could kill 12 million people (1 person every 30 seconds for 12 years) without any remorse.
    Insane that some people believe, still to this day, that the holocaust never really happened.

    It was terrible. And insane. At the same time.

    That's the most important thing that I know about the Holocaust. Of course, I know many other things, but it's just basic facts.

    And in the words of Winston Churchill:
    "Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it."

    True Words. Now I'm off to read Maus.


  2. Hello my name is Dandi.I am excited to spend time talking and blogging with you guys.i think holocaust in my oppinion are really bad because the natzi and their leader Adolf Hitler was discriminated the jewish. The natzi have kill millions of jews, they kill 1 jewish
    every 30 second.Some people these days still dont belive holocaust did happen. I am happy fot those who survive the concerntration camp and im glad that some of the survivor tell us the story about them in the concerntation camp.

    Thank you for reading.
    now i have to study more about the holocaust

    1. Sorry about the spelling mistakes.

  3. Hi this is Michael, and I'm happy to discuss with you guys here. The holocaust was one of the worst thing in the world. Hitler was nuts, he killed millions of Jews. Hitler was racist, he belives that Jews killed the Jesus so he started to kill Jews and slave them.
    Now I gotta go study more about it.
    Thanks for reading

  4. hey its brock here im happy to talk with all you guys my thought on the holocaust is they took it to far like trying to eliminate a race like what have the jews done to you germans made them slaves for nothing over twelve million were killed by germans by starving worked to death. there were six hundred to a thousand per barrack in camps such as auschwitz amereicans and canadians and other races played a big part in in the holocaust by killing the germans and freeing the jews no one even knows about that NAZI is a verey harsh word to jews and other people related to the holocuast there were twon paths left or right left right meant slave labor left,meant the gas chamber. so it was life or death as you can see. it was a pretty hard life in a NAZI camp. they were allways moving in a trane or a cattle cart. what would you do if you were in a camp? have you learnt any thing? would you want to be in that Situation?

  5. Hello! This is going to be a long post (for Organizing the History), So yeah.
    1st Response:
    I've never even imagined the AFTER the Holocaust. That's mostly what the book is about, in the holocaust, after, and the family.
    2nd Response:
    1939-1944, i would put the timeline it is in. atleast, the part in the past. the part in the "Present" is this timeline:
    3rd response:
    I'm susposed to ask you a question, so here goes:


    What do you think that would do to YOU if you had to survive? Not die, Survive?

    1. if i had to survive i would try and get away and hide somewhere

    2. If I had to, I'll just try my best on everything

  6. Hello I’m Dandi.
    I have been reading the book called maus. I learned lots of stuff about the holocaust. If you’re a Jewish you get notice really easy. When you survive the concentration camp you change as like your personality have change. When you lived in German or close to German, when you’re a Jewish lots of time u get laughed at or talk bad about the Jewish community. When you go to the concentration they make you shower first with all the men and after they give you shirt, pants, and shoes (they look the same). When your shoes, shirt or pants are too small the person that gives you the clothing won’t give u bigger size or smaller size, they will smack you with them. The Nazi make you work a lot and u get killed if u make mistake.

    I will be continuing reading maus.. talk to you all later.

  7. If you saw a jew getting taken to the concentrations camp would you attemp to help or let them go?

  8. I read more about the book and it was getting more interesting by the second I thought it was pretty devastating the main characters are vladek anja and art spiegelman well any ways the cats are the Nazis and the mice were Jews. I feel pretty bad about the holocaust I think Hitler is a cruel cat. I found out that the story takes place Auschwitz and that they took their clothing I found out what it would be like to be in that situation
    That many people I just wondered why just target the Jews? I couldn’t imagine being a Jew at that time either ding when you get there or working and starving to death the summary of maus is that the old man has a flash backs about his life back in the war in Auschwitz that shows all his friends ding and he tells his story to his son art spiglemen and he and his wife eventually die and so does art arts friend kills herself/commits suicide. Then all the spiglemens get back together. It takes place in Poland 1944.

  9. questions
    1 what would you do if you where in that situation?
    2 i wonder why hittler tried to kill all jews?
    3 what would happen if hittler was still here and was still trying to kill people today what would you do if that was right now?

  10. I read more about the book, and it was pretty good. I feel bad for all those people in holocaust. It’s a good book because it made all the character mouse and cats. Cats are the Nazis and mice were Jews, I like the idea of the story. I think Hitler was really cruel, especially Hitler ordered his workers to cut Jews hair.
    About the holocaust, I learned that it’s very insane, and it’s very difficult to survive in the holocaust. If you know some skills, you might survive easier and longer.
    I read this part that Spiegelman knows how to fix shoes, and he didn’t get himself killed. Seems if you actually have skills you can survive in holocaust. I did not know holocaust before because we’ve never learnt this in China, so everything is new to me such as 12 million people died and things about Hitler.

    How do you feel about the holocaust?
    How do you feel about the Jews?
    How do you feel about Hitler??

  11. -in weeks polands army was defeated by germany in 1944
    -germans had more than two thousand tanks and troups
    -france agreed to defend poland
    -germany declared war in 1939
    -all jews got taken to the auschwitz camp in 1943

  12. 1.What would you do if you survived the holocaust?
    2.What would you do if you were the character in the book?
    3.Would you work hard for your life?
    4.Would you try to escape the holocaust?
    5.Would you make friends if you were in the holocaust?

  13. Summarize of my book
    Hello its brock again here with more news about the holocaust
    Pretty much the Germans are starving the Jews to death or just dying at entry or they get worked to death. The girl friend of arts committed suicide because he didn’t want his dad to live with him so she committed suicide the father of art almost died in the camp and in the end the mother and father of arts died.

    1. Blog #3
      Summarize of my book: Germans are starting to kill Jews in different ways. They put Jews in gas chambers, they starve Jews to death, and these are the cruelest way to kill people. All the Jews are frightened and starving, and don’t dare to resist. If it’s me, I would call up all the Jews and try to stick together to resist.
      Why are the Jews frightened?
      Ugh…….I think they shouldn’t be frightened because if they don’t resist, they are all goanna die but if they at least try to resist, there’s still a chance to live.

  14. Blog Post #3:

    Hello. Sorry I was late for this post. Anyways, Here goes.

    In 1937, In Poland (This is Before the War), Vladek, A textile salesman, maried anja Zylberberg, the youngest daughter in a wealthy hosiery family:
    They had a son, Richieu:
    That's all taken from the Recap from the Begining.
    Anyways, I'm off to read more of Maus.

  15. Before Adolf Hitler started killing Jewish, the life of Jewish was great. Jewish people had great life. When Hitler starts putting Jewish people to concentration there life was awful and they hate it. They try to escape but if they get caught they will l get kill, so not lots of Jewish try to escape because they don’t want to get killed. In concentrations camp the Nazi don’t give lots of food. Lots of Jewish get really skinny because of its hunger and some Jewish die because they were starve to death.

  16. http://www.ushmm.org/research/collections/photo/
    they had to wait in long lineups for food and water she was actually Jewish and she was in hiding all the time for six years and was in constant fear that she would be discovered to be Jewish. From the Germans

  17. 1.how do you think life would be before the holocaust?
    2. if you lived in the era of time where would you want to live?
    3.if you where in the holocaust what would you want to be a jew or a german

  18. The Germans moved all the Jews to Breslau from Auschwitz, they walked there. Some Jews were trying to escape but the guards shot them. Some of the Jews tried to pay the guards money so the guards won’t shoot them when they run. First this is a very stupid idea because Germans can just take your money and kill you after, so they are not trust worthy. The best way to survive is to just follow the orders your best so you don’t get yourself killed.
    1. Would you pay the guards to let yourself survive?
    2. Would you hide in Auschwitz?
    3. Would you try to attack the guards?

  19. Blog#4

    I read more about the book and they continue to go back to the flash backs in Art’s dads mind. They are hiding in a barn when suddenly there is a giant explosion in the barn possibly caused by the Germans. The Germans are firing at the barn when the U.S.A army is on their way and they are making the Germans retreat from the barn and they are thinking that the USA army are the Germans and the Jews are hiding still in the barn and later on they run into a German in discise and the Germans send them to a pit in the backyard and while they are hiding in the pig a Germans jeep drives by and just misses them. While they are still hiding in the pit and then they run out and find clothes on a clothes line and they borrow the clothes and go hide in the other barn and one of them goes and finds milk. And comes back and they drink the milk until a lady comes and says that they Stoll the clothes.
    2. they didn’t show resistance to the Nazis except for a guy who said he was a German to hide his identity from them to survive in the death camp there where many street fights against guards.
    3.the Jewish people were forced from the Nazi and Hitler to do whatever the Nazis wanted like to work to starve to do anything they may have had guns and soldiers but without any of that the Jewish people Could have taken down Hitler and some of the Germans like what would happen if the Jews took over instead of the Germans what would life have been like for the Germans would the same thing have happened like but the Jews were the leaders and tortured the Jews.