Monday, May 14, 2012

The Search

Max, Aldrin and Raymond
Post #1 - Introduction
Post #2 - Organizing The History
Post #3 - Photo Project
Post #4 - Individual Responsibility and Resistance 
Post #5 - Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers
Post #6 - Final Project - The Suitcase Project


  1. Hi my name is Aldrin. I look forward to interacting with you about the Holocaust.Here is my understanding of the holocaust so far.

    The Holocaust is a genocide where lots of people died.most of the people that were killed arre jewish people. and lots of people died because of the man named Adolf Hitler. the concentration camp killed lots of the jewish people making them work hard.

    1. Hi name is Max, the book I reading is about a grandmother telling her story to her family (her experience) and the story that she is telling is about how she survive the Nazis killing Jewish, they go to hiding place and she meets friends and one day when she went to school and say good-bye to her parents she didn’t know that she is going to see them again and when she found out about that she went to another place change everything her name, hair style, and when she came back to find out what happen to her parents aguy told her what happen then she went to live in the United States and got married to a guy and got children but she still want to know what happen to her parents.

  2. Hi my name is Raymond. And i have read The Search and ill be looking forward to talk to you people who have read or want to read what is it about.

    In my understanding in this book is that Hitler have taken almost all the jewish around the russia to work them in the camps. They were starve to death and made them work till they die. Most of the people who can't work anymore were secretly gas in a room. This book is really interesting to read because this book is about base on someone who have expirience the nightmare of what Hitler what have done to him and to anyone who have expirience.

  3. as i read through the book I learned that Jewish people suffer a lot from the Nazi lots of them were taken to the concentration camp they were given small or big clothes and shoes and if the clothes is big or small for the people the soldiers won’t do anything about it and if the people ask for a bigger or smaller clothes the Jews will get beaten up by the Nazi soldiers and many Jews have to go hiding because lots of Jews were taken to the camp and make them work hard for nothing some of them were treated like a slave. the book also tells how Jewish people treated when Hitler were elected as the president some non-Jewish people treated Jewish people like nothing and they ignore Jewish people like their invisible and when a Jewish tried to talk to a non Jewish people some of them says bad things about them and makes them go away. many Jewish store has been closed because of the law that Hitler made that Jewish people can’t run any store lots Jews can’t buy anything because lots of the non-Jews won’t let Jewish people buy anything in their store and sometimes many store changed the price of the food when the Jewish people buys on their store and Jews can’t do anything about it. What will you do if your on this situation that you cant do anything about the law that made by Hitler? Where will you go? Are you going to hide?

  4. Hello it’s me Raymond and I’m back to tell u what I have read or learned from “The Search”.
    I have learned that Hitler has blamed the Jews for all the Germany’s misery and that they were not allowed to marry any German men or women in 1935. That he have dismissed every Jewish people from their jobs. Hitler rounded about 30 000 Jews in the next day before they were dismissed from their jobs they were put in put in camps or prison. Just how would you actually feel when you saw over 30 000 were put in the imprisoned or camps for doing nothing wrong?
    What is happening in the book right now? Hitler’s people have fired and vandalise people from their job. Hitler has blamed the Jews for Germany not being pure so he tried to fire them from their jobs or destroy or ruin their job by telling lies. In 1935 they have been forbidden have marriage between Jew’s and German people. What would you do if your family have been targeted by the Nazi? Where will you or your family go?
    In 1939 the German army and the Russian army, invaded Poland and the World War 2 have started. After the Bombardment of Rotterdam in 1940, the Dutch army has surrendered. Starting in 1942 all Jews older than 6 years old had to wear a yellow star on their clothing. What is the meaning of the yellow star?.

  5. I have read a little bit more in the book: the search. After she wonders about her parents her grandchildren search in the internet about bob (Esther friend) and search “anybody know a Bob Canter from Amsterdam who survives Auschwitz?” and at night an email comes and he wakes up her grandma and she got a fly ticket to see Bob and when she came back she got a lot to tell. She say the life wasn’t easy in that camp because they guards treat them like prisoners and they torture them they shaved their head and they didn’t have privacy, four sleep in bunk and there is 700 people in one barrack. The guards determinate which women or men could work, their mothers didn’t pass, When those people don’t pass they take them to room and force them to take their clothe of and put venom in the ceiling and everybody died. If someone escape they kill everybody in the barrack, if someone don’t wear their uniform they kill him.

  6. When Bob and Esther father were loaded onto a train, Esther’s father could not go on anymore so he fall and Bob try to help but a guard get him away from him and another guard shoot Esther’s father. After a harsh journey they reached Germany, the Americans thought they were German soldiers, there was a huge panic broke out so Bob and other guys escape. Bob saw Esther in the newspaper and tell everything he know about her parents.
    This photo and her life is almost similar to my character, because this person call Hanne, she was born in 1924 and my character born in 1925. In this photo Hanne looks so serious, maybe because she don’t like what they’ve done to her, to her family, and her history say that she hided in two places.


    Her father worked as a designer and manufacturer of women's clothing. Hilde had one brother. In the early period of the occupation Hilde continued her high school education. When Jews were barred from attending school, she trained to be an early childhood educator. After the ghetto was established in Amsterdam, Hilde worked at a childcare center in the Joodsche Schaumburg, from which Jewish children were taken into hiding with the help of the Dutch underground. Hilde made her way to Belgium, where she began work for the underground as a nurse and ambulance driver. Just like the character from ‘The Search’ she have study and been bully and her parent have been taken away and her friends so she have grown up alone and scared thinking her families and friends are alive. After the war both the picture from the link and the picture from ‘The Search’ they have went back to their home land and went for a tour to see the camps that their family were put and were killed. What would you do when you’re the only one survive on your family? This why I choose the women from the book and from the link because they have some similar pass. Will you visit the place where your family died even if it’s painful to remember?

  8. When Bob was telling Esther about their parents she couldn’t believe it, and he told her about a little bit of his life, that he was asking everywhere for her but someone told him that she is not coming back. Bob later immigrated to Israel where he could build a new life, he helped establish a new village and he still lives there today, he met his wife there, Rifka.
    The resistance of Jewish people against Nazis and Hitler was frequent in street fights. When Bob wanted to help Esther’s father he was resistant with the guard.
    I think Jewish people resisted the Nazis because they didn’t want to do something they don’t want to do. That is not fair for the Jewish people because that’s racist.

  9. blog 4
    in my book esther is a jews and she went hiding in lots of place because germany became dangerous for jewish people eshter and her family went to amsterdam and then germany invaded netherlands and then one day esthe get seperated from her parents she was force to flee the city managing to escape the nazis round up of jews she went hiding from the countryside but she never met his parents again she knows that her parents died in a concentration camp and with her grandsons help they managed to track down an old friend living in israel and when bob and esther meet she cant believe what bob said about her parents that died in a concentration camp.
    jewish people resist the nazis because they want to be free and don't want to work for hitler and get killed they don't want to get their kid involved in the holocaust thats why they resist the nazis and went hiding. aldrin

  10. On page 20 to page 30 Esther have work on the farm like milking a cow and cleaning barns. On page 22 the Nazi troops have come to check the farm to see if there any Jews in the farm. All of the Jews have been captured except for Esther she was working inside of the barn and she saw what was happening after that she ran out to the woods to escape from the Nazi soldiers. After she has run and ran she has found a house that let her sleep for the night. Then in October 1944 the Nether lands was liberated. So she went to Amsterdam to see if her parent were alive but instead she saw her friend bob and told her that her family isn’t go back because they were dead. Her family and her friend’s families were put into the transit camp. The mothers had to make clothing and the guys have to break apart the shot down planes. Esther father worked as a doctor and he manage to get Bob a job in the hospital. After days and days working they were transported to the Auschwitz a Nazi death camp in Poland. In 1941 Hitler had decided to murder 11 million Jews. In just over a year 1.5 million Jewish men, women and children were shot dead. Then they have decided that shooting Jews take too long and they have come out with better methods to kill Jews. The Nazi decided to build more death camps in occupied Poland so that they can kill Jewish people there in a very short time. A total of 107 000 Jews from the Netherlands were deported to camps only 5000 survived. What would you do if your race were hunt so they can put them into camps or gas them to death?

    Resistance that Esther and her friend Bob and Helena have to go through during the holocaust. Esther have ran away from every Nazi she have encounter she did not let herself be captured and be put in the camps. Bob have fought thought the camp hoping to be free by the Americans and fought for other Jews. Helena has escaped somewhere so that the Nazi or Hitler can’t capture her. This is some of the resistance I saw within the pages I read in ‘The Search’. What Resistance you have saw that I didn’t?

    Why would Esther and her friends resist against the Nazis. Esther know that if she were put in the camp she know that she would probably die of hunger and gassed her till she died. Bob fought through them because he have hope that they will be freed someday and he fought for someone because he notice that the person didn’t do anything wrong to them. And Helena ran because she was scared and she probably knows that she would be put in camp or gassed till she died. This is what I think why they resist to the Nazi. Why do you think they would resist?