Monday, May 14, 2012

Righteous Smuggler

Mike, Aaron and Nabila
Post #1 - Introduction
Post #2 - Organizing The History
Post #3 - Photo Project
Post #4 - Individual Responsibility and Resistance 
Post #5 - Perpetrators, Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers
Post #6 - Final Project - The Suitcase Project


  1. Hi my name is Michael and Im here to talk about what I know about holocaust.

    holocaust is a form of a group of people made by Hitler witch is the ruler of Germany. When Hitler becomes the ruler of germany he want to get rid of jews because they are a problem saids Hitler. Hitler starts to put many jews to the concentration camp were either they get killed for put in to work then die because of starvation.

  2. hey Aaron here the holocaust in this book is when Hitler leader of the germans comes to invade the jew. the german's changed everything. the jews werent allowed to go to school there was bomb fires and jews were not allowed to have radios. they changed the education to lies from jewish to german. i cant wait to learn more what happened

  3. Hi my name is Nabila, and this is what I know about the holocaust, the holocaust started in 1942 basically when Hitler was elected and when they lost World War 1. The Nazis introduced Lots of changes like they were excluded from public life, wearing a yellow star representing the Jewish’s, Once World War II began, all Jews wear wearing a yellow Star of David on their clothing so they could be easily targeted, every land they owned was taken away from them, they were taken away from their families and were took to labor, either people dies from starvation or from working or being killed for not working.
    Question about the book
    1. How would you feel if you were Hendrik a situation like him helping your friends?
    2. Do you think what Hitler did was right or wrong?
    3. How would you feel if there was a uprising against your race?

  4. post 2
    1. I learned in the holocaust that Germans hated lots of Jews changing the laws and Jews were banned from schools and if the Jews argued with a solider the were either killed or sent away to a unknown place during world war 2 the german wanted all land.
    2. 2. So far in the book Hendrick has been in school alone without his friends cause they banned the Jews from school every night the was a black out so every day before the blackout hendrick went to visit a friend until later the friends father was beaten up by some Germans.
    3. War death trying to survive the war all this was pretty much was losing people some survived after the war was done

    1. How would you feel if you were a Jewish?
    2. What would you do if Jews were taken away?
    3. What would happen if you got captured?

  5. Post: 2
    Hi my name is Nabila and these are the new things I learned about the holocaust. The non-Jews treated the Jews badly like they were not human beings and were brain washed about their regular life and know all they would remember is work, kids that were Jews were taken away from school and where left home not learning anything and the non-Jews were forced to learn Dutch at school, families were taken away immediately no matter what they were doing they were taken away to labor, some families sacrificed Jew families to take them to other counties were it was safe, and Hitler was doing a lot of lectures with about more than 1,000 people and how strong he was for his country that nobody else stand up to become the dictator or government or president for Germany.
    The Righteous Smuggler is about a young poor Dutch fishermen boy name Hendrik, when his country is invaded by the Nazi. The country has changed a lot that his friends are banned from school. He is supposed to stand by them but all their class is not agreeing with him. His parents have always told him to fight for justice. When he notices Jew families are being taken away to labour he and his family are sacrificing families to go to safe counties. So far what is happening in the book is Hendrik father was telling a story of his own life what happened to his brother and on their way they were going to these French people to save them (In chapter 2).
    Event that happened during World War 2
    Invasion of Poland: On September 1939, when Poland was invaded by the German, thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish refugees fled the advancing German army into eastern Poland, hoping that the Polish army would halt the German advance in the west.
    Ghettos in occupied Poland 1939: In fall 1939 was when Germany occupied Poland. The Eastern Poland was not occupied by the germens until June 1941. The Ghettos were enclosed districts of a city in which the Germans forced the Jewish population to live under miserable conditions.
    Kinder transport, 1938–1940: Kinder transport was refugee for children which brought thousands of refugee children to Great Britain from the Nazi Germany camps.
    My three questions are:
    1. Would you risk your own life helping your friends or would you not care about them like forget them?
    2. How would you feel if you were under Hitler command like the Jews?
    3. Would you fight for justice or not just like what Hendrick is doing?

  6. I learned that this book was made in 1940 may 10 in World War 2 that many people had lots of hard working travels to survive. The holocaust was pretty much war killing death blood people starving.
    1. I learned that tons of people died in the wars more than 1000 people.
    2. at that year during world war two the German wanted all the land to prove they are the best

    In the book a young Kristen boy named Hendrix risked his life to save the Jews from the German men and Hitler. During his days without the German life was good until than Germans came all Jews were band from lots of things like school.

    The things I learned in the holocaust is people had no time to see there family’s because the Germans forced them to work.
    Halfway through the book the boy is seeing day by day Jews are getting beat up and sent to somewhere no one knows.

  7. Hi, answer to Aaron question how would you feel if you were a Jewish? Well I would feel proud of myself being a Jew because it is my heritage. Question 2 what would you do if Jews were taken away? If I were rich I would give the Nazi money and take them to a safe place like another country or rescue them like what Hendrik is doing in the book. Question 3 what would happen if you got captured? Well what I would do is try to make an escape plan or if I had something with valuable in my pocket I would give it to the Nazi.


  8. Hi there it’s me Nabila, as I am continuing in the book Righteous Smuggler, so far Hendrik was not allowed to go outside because it was too dangerous. Hendrik Family was listening to the radio and in the radio it said that the German’s had Invaded Poland. Then the next day there was a fight going on a street, when Hendrik got closer there was a hang of boys were hurting a women and they were saying “We don’t need any more Jew’s being born” and then Hendrik got an idea so he goes to the garbage can and looks if there is flyer and there were flyers they so he got his matches and lit it so the guy can run away and leave the women to peace. Pieter came went go play with Hendrik and they went to the theater, and when the movie was done there was a man putting a sign saying No Jews Allowed and No Jews were allowed at the park too. Hendrik and all his friends were at school and when the teacher came in he was in his Nazi uniform and Hendrik did knew that he wasn’t his teacher. The teacher told them to take out their Dutch study book and give then to me and they will learn Germany and all Jew kids will go home and will not come back to school ever.

    What life was before the Nazi invaded Poland was, it was Peace and every Body were kind to each other helping and say Hello, and Hi. There was no worry about going outside or worry about night.

    The pictures I pick were because there is a group of people happy and are fearless walking on the streets and you see no solider walking or anything. My three questions are:

    1. Do you think the Jew kid’s should have stood up to stay at school like what Johan did in the book why or why not?

    2. How would you feel not going to school and not learning anything, and if you think about the real world like being a doctor or speaking?

    3. Would you have save the women why or not?

    I learned from this picture that Germans the mean no holding back all they did was kick Jews from there bisness that sometimes they beat up the Jews and sent them to a unknown place to kill them or work as slaves

  10. From what I read from the book Hedrick was helping the Jews escape the province to take them to safe place from the Germans from them getting killed. my favorite part of the book is when Hendrick and his friends tricked the Germans pretending to hate the Jews and they actually buy it.
    The reason my character fought against the Germans because there changing the laws and there country against the Jews so he knows he can’t fight them head on so he has to help the Jews and his friends get away.
    My character is not really fighting but resisting so my character is fighting in a different way to tell Germans that there not the boss of him. . My character is passive resisting to escape.
    1.would you active or passive resist in this problem

  11. Hi there, so far in the book it is getting really interesting, and what I am reading in the book is Jewish kids weren’t able to go to school so all Hendrik best friends were all gone, so he went over to Pieter’s house and Pieter’s mom open the door and told him he was upstairs in his bedroom, so Pieter went up and saw Pieter eyes full of tears and Hendrik try to cheer him up but it didn’t work so he told him that we were blood brother so that cheer Pieter up. At school they had to learn about Germany and the teacher was telling them fake stuffs about the Jewish’s, and Hendrik got up and told the Nazi teacher he was proud to be a Dutch and the teacher got really mad that he told him to write Germany lots of times on the board and will go to the principle office too. When he went the principle office he told him I know how it feel Hendrik and he told him that he doesn’t like it either but the Nazi are in charge not me. Then at recess Hendrik was telling his classmates that you don’t believe in the stuff the teacher was telling them and they said yes and the class started saying said Jew lover. After school Hendrik was really tired about listening to fake stories so we went to his boat and see if his father would be there but he wasn’t, so Hendrik still went without his father a boat ride but what Hendrik didn’t knew that there was a storm coming.

    What resistance did any charter did to the Nazis?
    Well in the book there were few resistances. The resistance Hendrik did was he got up and told the Nazi teacher he was proud to be a Dutch, and one of Hendrik friends name Malka, his dad use to work in a bakery store and the Nazi people came in and he tried to fight back but it didn’t work out.

    Why would someone show resistance during the holocaust?
    Because the holocaust was an unfair event that people didn’t wanted to be treated inhumanly, and they wanted to stay strong for their Religion.
    1. Would you resistance anybody that saying something bad about your race or other peoples?
    2. Would you have stranded up like Hendrik and say I am proud to be a Dutch?
    3. Do you think resistance is a good thing or not?